Confronting a compulsive liar

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What he does feel bad about is himself. So what I think about this is that he puts people into little boxes. But, I have to also realize that I have a pattern myself of seeking out codependent relationships, which makes it more difficult to leave. The lies ranged from tiny, silly things to very important issues. It was just two days ago that I told her I thought she was a compulsive liar.

Confronting a compulsive liar

Compulsive lying can be dealt with through counseling or therapy. For the compulsive liar, lying feels safe and this fuels the desire to lie even more. At that point he would simply be silent. At first he was a normal, average Joe. I used to take habit in faking people and identities to try and protect myself. He strings me along daily keeping me thinking things are gonna be the way he said and then ultimately, he gets what he wants, and I just stop asking questions about what happened. I have went from excellent credit making , a year owning a square foot house, jaguar and duramax diesel truck to being bankrupt living without electricity for 2 months and wondering when I may be evicted has he lied about paying the rent again. The time and effort I invested in trying to catch him lying actually killed all my feelings for him. She came to the table with a lot of promise, all self-substantiated. This just happened last month and he is still telling me every day that today is the day we are getting our car back In her personal life, she lied too. Stold thousands from me and my family. Eventually, he or she will be forced to present extraordinary excuses. I think my mom enables his behavior or is a compulsive liar, too. I am 45 years old now. Simple things, like teaching kids on weekends, and her financial situation. The kids are grown and know that mom sometimes has a hard time telling the truth. She tells me she does not know why she lies. Let her know you value her just as she is. When we began to roll as a business, her job was business development. It was such a relief to find someone who had the exact same problem as me, we both gave each other confidence and hope, and we went counseling together and group therapies I now fear the only thing to do is walk away, and hope that she can get professional help. From a compulsive liar I understand compulsive liars, because I am in fact one myself. Step 5 Decide whether the relationship with the pathological liar is too toxic for you to handle. My advice if you are involved with a pathological liar is RUN! I sleep with one eye open after a brief affair 10 years ago. My father has been audited several times by the IRS, denied stealing money from me when I was a working teen, and encouraged us kids to lie about his affair -we met his mistress when we were preteens.

Confronting a compulsive liar

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  1. I have made it very clear to her that until she gets help, I want nothing to do with her.

  2. My fiance is one as well. This may seem really ridiculous, but he took some good whacks from me.

  3. My advice to anyone who is dating a compulsive liar is to shift the focus away from trying to fix them and look rationally at the situation as a whole.

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