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If the purpose of imposing the sanction is to compel the contemner to comply with a court order to benefit the party bringing the contempt action, it is civil contempt. Therefore, the Respondent Judge clearly had the power to issue the order pursuant to the circuit court's general administrative authority contained in Article VIII, Sections 6 and To explain the difference between the two concepts, we briefly reiterate the principles we set forth in State ex rel. Of course, whenever a conflict arises between the judiciary and another branch of government, the best first approach ordinarily would be to reach an amicable resolution of the problem without resorting to court orders or other legal actions. We further held in Robinson that, in civil contempt cases, an appropriate sanction is an order sentencing the contemner for an indefinite period of incarceration and specifying a reasonable way the contemner may purge the contempt in order to obtain his or her immediate release. We decline to apply such a stringent standard as it may prevent a court from carrying out its constitutional duties in some cases. Not only does our Constitution explicitly vest the judiciary with the control over its own administrative business, 21 but it is a fortiori that the judiciary must have such control in order to maintain its independence. Superior Court of Marion County, Rm. Such independence "is not only axiomatic, it is the genius of our government.


Even more importantly, this dispute seems to fall clearly within that realm of inherent administrative authority which supports a court in requiring necessary resources for the performance of its duties. The West Virginia Judicial Branch continues to exercise its independence and autonomy without encroachment at least in part because it has historically been immensely frugal and eminently judicious in its requirements and demands. These "separate and distinct" branches of government fulfill the essential function of "checks and balances. Civil Contempt Confusion often arises between criminal and civil contempt. The sheriff's office was located in a building next to the magistrate court building, and the ramp was being built adjacent to the magistrate court parking area. The statute further provides "[a] county may, in accordance with the supervisory rules of the supreme court of appeals, appropriate and spend from such fund such sums as shall be necessary to defray the expenses of providing services to magistrate courts. The Respondent Judge was notified of the construction and went to the construction site. Estep to appear before the court and "show cause why they should not be held in violation of. During his testimony, he repeatedly stated he did not know the ramp would interfere with the magistrate court parking and was unaware his authorization of the ramp would be viewed as contemptuous of the prior order. We even had time for lunch. On January 6, , Relators filed a motion with the Respondent Judge asking him to purge them of the contempt. We came in to Gate 9 in Terminal 5. See State ex rel. Other courts which have examined the issue of whether the judiciary may invoke its inherent power to require necessary resources such as adequate parking, office space, and other facilities have found that it falls within the administrative functions of the courts. As we were falling into bed, Jewel of the Seas was heading towards St Thomas. Not only does our Constitution explicitly vest the judiciary with the control over its own administrative business, but it is a fortiori that the judiciary must have such control in order to maintain its independence. In this light, we concluded the circuit court's order, governing the dismissal of warrants in the magistrate courts, did not fall within the realm of its "housekeeping" authority. Estep apparently was away from the site when the Respondent Judge was there and ordered Sheriff Hicks to appear before him. The court also quoted one of its prior decisions where it eloquently stated that it is the responsibility and duty of the courts to be completely independent. Separation of Powers As part of our constitutional democracy on both the national and state level, we ascribe to the principle that there shall be three equal branches of government--legislative, executive, and judicial. Now, I'd happily go back to San Juan and do the other islands in the region. Consequently, Relators' request for habeas corpus relief is moot, and we direct the circuit court, if it has not already done so, to enter an order in the underlying case relieving Relators from the contempt order. Subject to the supervisory control of the supreme court of appeals, each circuit court shall have general supervisory control over all magistrate courts in the circuit. Bell's objections and exceptions to the Respondent Judge's decision were noted in the record. Consequently, we find the parties' arguments with respect to the alleged procedural deficiencies in the manner in which the Respondent Judge handled the contempt action are moot. Upon arrival, the Respondent Judge was informed by Sheriff Hicks of his plan to build the ramp.


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  1. Estep to appear before the court and "show cause why they should not be held in violation of. A Court's Inherent Authority to Require Necessary Resources The larger underlying issue in this case, and the one capable of repetition, centers on the extent of a court's inherent authority to require reasonable and necessary resources for the performance of its responsibilities.

  2. The judiciary must be wary not to overstep its boundaries and violate the separation of powers doctrine it is trying to protect by encroaching upon legislative and executive affairs. We caution, however, that today's opinion should not be construed in a manner that would embolden judicial officers to embark on actions beyond the parameters of what is reasonable and necessary.

  3. President Lambert testified at the hearing that he authorized the construction of the ramp, but that he was not at the site when the construction began. Before too long, we boarded on time and were soon in the air, landing at Dublin Airport at 4.

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