Heartbreaking romantic movies

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With that in mind, here is a selection of 10 amazing romantic films that are heartbreaking. To call it a masterpiece of suburban sadness wrapped in romantic tissue would be an understatement. The Pillow Book ; dir. The final scene of the film is guaranteed to evoke an ugly cry in just about anyone. Expertly made with all the bells and whistles of gore by genre master David Cronenberg, "The Fly" is ultimately the story of a man Jeff Goldblum who desperately wants the acceptance and love of a woman Geena Davis while also giving into the perils of delusions of grandeur. Revolutionary Road ; dir. And when it's lost Probably the most well-known tragic love story of all time was adapted to the silver screen in by Italian director Franco Zeffirelli.

Heartbreaking romantic movies

Misty water-colored memories, indeed. Irons and Binoche deliver in this film some of the best performances of their career. And when it's lost As beautiful and great as they are in some moments, sometimes the story leads us to a very somber place toward the end of the film. The Lovers on the Bridge ; dir. With great directing by Lee, this movie shows the complex and beautiful relationship between these two men and has one of the most heartbreaking endings of all time. As usual, many things interfere in the choice of the titles of an article like this, but as always, memory and personal preferences are the main factors. So grab your tissues and settle in for a nice cry this Valentine's Day. Despite that, they find a way to fall in love, and then much like reality, life gets in the way. And then the boat hits the iceberg, and from that moment, we're catapulted from James Cameron's technical wonder of excess to one of the most heartbreaking series of scenes in a big-budget film ever. The true heartbreak comes from seeing the inevitable breakup and the couple's child being caught up in the emotion of a final scene that just destroys. It's that innocence, and the subsequent loss that follows that makes this love between friends a story every bit as heartbreaking as you might find in any romantic film. Fast forward through all the horror and gore and the final scene of the film, with Goldblum's Seth Brundle completely transformed into a fly, the two share a heartbreaking moment, where love still lives, before she shoots him point-blank with a shotgun. Here are two universal truths: The Broken Circle Breakdown ; dir. One day he meets a woman in the local post office and starts to see her, something that will lead to a heartbreaking situation. The undeniable chemistry between Omar Sharif as Zhivago and Julie Christie as Lara, his already-married love moves the film with subtle intensity and when they part, the pain feels real enough. Definitely a movie that every cinephile should check out. Because of their love for bluegrass music, they fall in love and after some time they have a daughter. Let's be honest, while our heart will go on, there is no way on earth our eyes will stay dry once Jack and Rose say their final goodbyes. Michelle Gwyneth Paltrow , his neighbor, is a woman having an affair with a married man. When they start to get their lives back on track, he becomes afraid she is going to leave him. Credited as the template for the modern 'chick flick,' "Love Story" certainly has its detractors, but try keeping your eyes dry when O'Neal utters the film's most-remembered quote, "Love The power of this film absolutely lies in looking at their love, their passion as something everyone's felt at least once in their lives. Definitely a movie that should be checked out. Following the story of a Japanese model living in Hong Kong who is obsessed with books and writing on bodies, this woman tries to find a lover who has her same desire for carnal pleasure, and also her adoration for calligraphy and poetry.

Heartbreaking romantic movies

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