Hosted singles cruises

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Always with a story to share, she hopes to utilize her expertise and enthusiasm to make our departures the absolute best ever!!! Suzanne enjoys getting to know our guests over the phone by making their cruise and flight reservations or in person as an onboard host. Cruise line websites list upcoming theme cruises as do sites such as Vacations to Go. He enjoys helping people and truly raises the bar for guest experiences. Cruises for Young Singles Singles are among the fastest growing group of cruisers, and middle-aged singles often have more time and disposable income for a cruise vacation than younger travelers. He has made many good friends from all over the world. Holland America Line, which offers more traditional cruising without the bells and whistles of a Royal Caribbean or Carnival cruise, is a good example. She has over days at sea and she loves creating the environment for people to make long lasting friendships and experience life changing vacations! When she is not out cruising, she is working behind-the-scenes to coordinate all of the cruise hosts and create all of fun you have onboard and on shore.

Hosted singles cruises

He wants each guest to leave feeling like this was the best vacation of their life. His favorite activity to host is any of the trivia games we play onboard since he's always been a big jeopardy fan and likes to see the friendly competition! He is responsible for many behind-the-scenes tasks including overseeing our cruise specialists department, handling customer service issues, arranging pre-cruise hotels, maintaining our message boards and occasionally hosting our singles cruise groups. Rick has hosted over 20 singles cruises and he enjoys meeting and getting to know many of our guests on a personal level. Her most memorable adventure was to the remote mountains of SW China in where she found her favorite panda, Tai Shan, after he was repatriated back to his ancestral homeland from the National Zoo in Washington, DC. I will do anything to make your cruise most enjoyable and memorable! She first heard about it as a small child from her aunt and uncle as one of their favorite vacation spots so to see it for the first time herself really brought back those special childhood memories. He works for a large corporation, but his vacation time and passion for traveling allows him to host singles cruises on the side. These companies often offer to match solo travelers so they can book at lower double occupancy rates. She looks forward to helping others enjoy their upcoming singles cruises and sharing the excitement along with them. Relax, make friends, be silly, laugh, have a good time, and make memories to talk about for a lifetime! He has made many good friends from all over the world. She is very involved in her Southwest Florida community having sat on over seven different non-profit Board of Directors. Cruise Host Ernie has been hosting for SinglesCruise. Her professional background has been serving clients in a variety of roles in the restaurant industry. She loves travelling and loves hosting our sailings, meeting new people, making people laugh and being sure that everyone is having a great cruise is her passion! Carol has been in customer service and sales for over 40 years in various industries. He enjoys helping people and truly raises the bar for guest experiences. Her favorite part of hosting singles cruises is looking out in the crowd and seeing someone with a smile and laugh on their face as that makes her whole job worthwhile. He has hosted seven cruises for SinglesCruise. She's looking forward to meeting new friends and reconnecting with our past guest who are now lifelong friends! Cruise Host Connie has been in the customer service industry for many years as a senior hair stylist and a bartender. You can find her on her Harley, paddle boarding in "The Keys" or at the gym. This site specifies ages of singles on each cruise and even offers details on cruises for special interest groups. Addressing the Singles Supplement Single cruisers face high singles supplements that range from percent to percent of the double occupancy rate. Cruise Host Marillen has hosted a number of singles cruises for us and loves meeting new people from all over the world.

Hosted singles cruises

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  1. Several lines offer such a program; Holland America has one of the best. If pressed to pick his favorite travel destination, he would have to say Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains of Peru.

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