How to know my aura color

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One common example is the ability to read auras. It may also help to draw quick pictures of the subject, or to make swatches of the different colors or shades you see with colored pencils or watercolors. At the present time, you're feeling very confident. I am fiercely competitive, self-confident and have pragmatic approach towards life. Imaginative, daydreamer, curious, deep inner feelings, sometimes lacks self-esteem, gentle, unassuming, introvert, calm and modest. Read the following color category statements and respond accordingly. This color represents the crown chakra. More Stories from LittleThings. How To Read Auras Step 1:

How to know my aura color

This connection is true of your psychic and intuitive abilities as well as the other bodies that make up the auric field. Since everything in life is in constant movement, it shouldn't be surprising your aura is, too. Violet relates to the pineal gland and nervous system. I am easily bored and jump from one thing to other. Helpful, caring, spiritual, intuitive, generally at peace and content, understanding, peacemaker, steadfast, freethinker. What is it that leads you to build an opinion a tentative one, though about a person you have never seen in your life before? For a western exposure, aim for evening. Aura Colors Can Change Human beings are a mix of energies, all radiating at the same time and all producing various auric fields of colors. I refrain from making commitments and usually avoid taking responsibilities. Understanding Aura Color Tests When you take an aura color test, your responses provide an intuitive telltale sign of the colors presently dominating your aura. Actually, they are my favorites. Black Tayra Lucero for LittleThings Keep a close eye out for a black aura, or a very dark shade of any other color. The same principle applies to seeing auras. Rainbow Tayra Lucero for LittleThings A subject who appears to be wrapped in a rainbow of colors is an individual who is in touch with all of the different aspects of the spiritual world. An overall statement about yourself: Aura Color Meanings Now that you have chosen your color, what do the colors mean? Pick a spot on the wall a foot or two away, and wait a minute or so. Health issues relate to the spleen. I am outgoing, honest and don't mince my words. Ever felt that strange feeling of friendliness or intimidation when a stranger walked into the room? Maybe it has something to do with creativity and unfettered imaginations, or maybe it has something to do with the wisdom of the very young, like this little one doing everything in her power to save the planet. To read the aura of someone else, have your subject dress comfortably and stand against a plain wall. Prominent Aura Colors Some energy fields in your aura may be stronger than others, depending on your current state of being. They may also sparkle, indicating that an angelic presence is near. The multi-colored aura is far more common than an aura radiating just one color. Your aura might be prominently blue in the morning indicating you are peaceful and have rested. Focus Hard And Blink Tayra Lucero for LittleThings If neither of these techniques works for you, try staring directly and focusing hard on your subject for 30 to 60 seconds.

How to know my aura color

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  1. This color represents the crown chakra. You can get a better understanding of your aura by exploring the meaning of each color.

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