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Powers include smoke bombs, circular saw grenades on the shoulders, and summoning a flying submarine with a lasso, a machine gun turret, and an electric spray. Appears in episodes of the original series and episode of Flash. Appears in episode 5. Powers include a poison gas nozzle for the fight arm, a short sword, a net from the left shoulder cannon called the Despider, and teleportation. Powers include converting into wind, a guillotine for the right hand, and a clamp for the left hand.


Powers include emitting acidic poisonous gas, a spiked kanabo for the left arm, a human disguise, mouth grenades, summoning rock slides called the Mountain Tsunami, and mentally controlling the Phantom Train. Appears in episode 3. Powers include high jumping, martial arts skills, machine gun, and a knife. A Lightning Strike for Friendship!! Appears in episodes , and Powers include a large bowie knife for the right hand, a long carving knife, using both knives as scissors strong enough to cut steel, a pair of launchable knives in the left wrist, high jumping, and summoning a circular saw-like flying saucer. Powers include shooting poisonous bamboo arrows and tentacles from the body cavities, duplicates, a human disguise, a poisonous spear, and summoning long roots for constriction and summoning a pocket dimension. Appears in episode 8. Udespas[ edit ] Udesupa: Powers include rib daggers in the torso, damaging people in their dreams, teleportation, remote cross bombs called the Devil's Cross, body part separation, soul stealing, a femur-like club, and summoning flames called the Flames of Purgatory. Appears in episode He resembles an armored brown larva mutant with a white belt which has a biomechanical power meter on it. Powers include acidic mold tentacles from the mouth called the Mold Banbara Mangler Hold, dissolving into mold and reforming, mind control mold spores with teleportation properties, and summoning a mold tsunami using giant versions of the mold tentacles. Terror of the Carnivorous Gas!! Joins the Despar Army!! Appears in episodes 1 and Powers include a flamethrower from the snake-like left arm and a human disguise. The Mysterious Deadly Boxer: Upon being upgraded he acquired a claw hammer for his right arm. Powers include icy mouth mist called the Absolute Zero Blizzard, teleportation, a human disguise, a sharp icicles called the Ice Daggers, and summoning a blizzard called the Banbara Snow Slide. Powers include rolling into a ball, shoulder missiles, detachable hands that latch onto enemies, and a ray gun that emits hypnotic flashes. Powers include explosive hypnotic waves from his cross-like eye, a human disguise, nine iron maiden-like spikes in the torso, and high jumping. As both Sanagiman and Inazuman, his kiai fighting cry is "Chest! The character first appeared in Ishinomori's manga "Mutant Sabu". In these versions, the character appeared to be naked, with a curled proboscis stemming from his forehead, and was even able to sprout moth wings from his back.


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