Kelowna bars and clubs

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They always have live music, but a hefty cover charge is also there. If they have a pool ball icon means they have pool tables if they have 2 pool icons they have 2 tables. At first glance, whitebread and conservative Kelowna might not be perceived as a gay tourist destination. Lots of live music here so keep an eye on who shows up, sometimes some good bands. Its a pretty small venue, but its a very nice layout. There's no gay village here and no gay bars or nightclubs. The drinks are pretty good but the best factor of this pub is the deck located on the street downtown. Never ate there but food looks good.

Kelowna bars and clubs

It's pretty dark and loud so you have to be into the tunes, which are pretty much dance. Its a pretty small venue, but its a very nice layout. Grab a bite and have a few drinks. It's Loud and intense so be pre-warned. The drinks are pretty good but the best factor of this pub is the deck located on the street downtown. Its a nice clean bar, with good food, and fair prices. This place gets packed, you have been pre warned. One of my favorite decks in Kelowna. This place gets packed with all ages males and females. If no food icon don't plan to eat there. Its a bar filled with all ages but show up early or you be waiting on a huge line. Click Here for Food Review Drink prices: The Grateful Fed This is a very small venue located downtown. A good place to go with a few friends after work. Only problem is that its pretty far from any other location so your sort of stuck here or paying large cab fair. Lots of cowboy hats and boots here. Age Group Mainly. The woman in this club are amazing to look at and the drink specials are hard to beat. He played a lot of older rock. Dart boards are in probably the worst location possible, right in the middle of the bar. This bar is a little rough sometimes and cover charges are regular so if that's not your thing don't go here. Taste the Rainbow Dance 8 p. Gay TV channel Out has been running commercials for the fest and Outlook TV from Vancouver will have a crew here this weekend to shoot a story. I noticed that they also sometimes have some very talented bands going through here, so keep an eye out for who's coming! It looks like a year old pub.

Kelowna bars and clubs

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