Lesley singleton

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Instructors are often young students who are hired for a season and are more interested in enjoying themselves than teaching. We only move people into the single-handed dinghy once they have demonstrated they can sail safely. Julian is also an experienced windsurfer and he has been teaching both sailing and windsurfing for over 14 years. Supporting Families is a registered Charity and aims to support Children and their families who are separated either from family breakdown, Local Authority interventions or through adoption. Many of our students come back year after year. We also recognise that most of you are on holiday and really want to get out and have fun while you are learning so we try to keep our lessons entertaining and stress free! Lesley is particularly good at helping those who lack confidence on the water. At the house we have changing facilities, shower and toilet for the use of clients.

Lesley singleton

Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. Lesley had the right fun attitude and level of confidence and experience to make it really enjoyable for myself, Tracy and Jack. We normally require that children aged 12 and under are accompanied by an adult for sailing lessons as this ensures we have sufficient crew weight and extra strength on board in case the wind picks up. Groups are large and individual assistance can rarely be given unless additional tuition is paid for. This programme is based on research and extensive experience in this field. More information on Mike can be found at www. It is much easier to teach when you can communicate easily and demonstrate what you want the student to do. The instructor can't see clearly what students are doing from a distance and bad habits go uncorrected. This is a great spot for family members to relax if they are not taking part, or for you to enjoy a drink after you have been out on the water. Lesley is also an experienced sailor and kayaker and has been teaching both for over 12 years. If the club or training centre would like the qualification verified, simply get them to email us or call and we can let them know the standards we work to. We carry a first aid kit and a mobile phone at all times. Teaching Philosophy - Dinghy Sailing We normally teach novice sailors in a boat accompanied by an instructor, rather than in single-handed dinghies with an instructor in a power boat; we do do this for the following reasons: I was particularly pleased to visit this room as it was one of the projects of the recent National Citizenship Service programme where one of the teams completely redecorated the room. Lesley is particularly good at helping those who lack confidence on the water. We do have a single-handed dinghy, a Topper Topaz this is Toppers version of the Laser Pico but faster and more spacious. Safety We take safety very seriously. The center is based in Chatham, Kent and provides independent supervised contact services when there are risks or a lack of trust or where there has been a long gap in contact. A power boat is available to provide safety cover for our activities. We are also undertaking research, so we would ask for your views and experience too, whether you are now an adult who has positive or negative experiences of separation and divorce, a Grandparent or other extended family member, a non-resident parent or resident parent. Teaching Children - Dinghy Sailing Many sailing schools teach children in large groups with one or two children in a small boat like a Pico while the instructor is on a powerboat. Twitter did not respond. We provide buoyancy aids for all activities, we also have wetsuits and spray tops which may be used during the early and late season. Many sailing schools do teach beginners in single-handed dinghies, this is mainly because one instructor can teach a large group, thus making it more profitable! Your views are important to ensure that the support we offer helps the overall tasks which is reducing the negative impact that separation and divorce has on those involved. These type of classes can last all day, however a large amount of time is spent "playing" and the instructor spends most of their time managing the group to ensure the children remain safe rather than having many opportunities to teach. It offers safe calm waters ideal for beginners and children but also reliable stronger winds in the afternoon suitable for those with more experience.

Lesley singleton

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  1. If the club or training centre would like the qualification verified, simply get them to email us or call and we can let them know the standards we work to.

  2. Within this we also look at Maintenance for children which is another that separating parents often struggle with.

  3. Our normal teaching boat is a Pastinaca, this is a locally made Spanish boat which is similar to a small wayfarer. Safety We take safety very seriously.

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