Moth balls repel snakes

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Need to hire an exterminator? For assistance identifying or removing a snake, try calling your local cooperative extension office , animal control officer look in the local telephone book , or state wildlife agency. Most snakes are safe and beneficial. The problem is that none of these plants have been scientifically proven to deter snakes. Ammonia can become gaseous and to breathe that in can harm your respiratory system.

Moth balls repel snakes

Your children or your pet may also touch something that has one of the chemicals on it, and put that into their mouth or get the substance on their hands and rub it in their eyes or mouth. While the logic may seem to be on your side, the facts are not. The use of odorants is not new to the nuisance animal world. Oh, how wrong that is. County Extension Offices Through its county agents, the Cooperative Extension Service gives individuals access to the resources at land-grant universities across the nation. You can also consider building a snake-proof fence around your home or garden if other methods fail to control the snakes. Snakes need to slither through the sulfur, which will then begin to irritate its skin. There are only two odorants that have the potential to repel snakes, and neither of those substances is available commercially. Don't forget that mothballs are a type of poison, and cause damage to red blood cells in humans and other animals, and can cause liver failure. Companies successfully market these items because people generally dislike the smell of sulphur. Snakes also find shelter under scrap metal, wood piles, trash, and other debris. If you or someone else is bitten by a snake that you think could be venomous, contact your Poison Control Center or your health care provider as soon as possible. While a lot of snakes really pose no danger to you, there are others that are poisonous and can be deadly if not for a rapid trip to the emergency room. Prevent snake problems by removing their food sources like rodents. Reports indicate that the Department of Agriculture actually uses this method to repel snakes , so you know that there is some validity behind the claim. Also, a deeply planted fence may keep snakes away from your yard, but it needs to be a solid fence to work effectively. Just because you cannot use ammonia or mothballs does not mean that there are not better choices out there that are effective and pose little to no risk to your family and your pets. The most popular pest control method involves using naphthalene, or moth balls. All of these products boast that they emit a sound that humans cannot hear but the specific animal can. When it comes to keeping snakes away from your home, the best you can do is property modification. Try your best to rid your yard of all rodents. Mothballs do not repel snakes! Clear any debris in your yard. This is the same ingredient found in many commercial products, and when used properly, it will keep snakes from coming around. This chemical is not effective against any nuisance animal, and it is more harmful to humans as a carcinogen.

Moth balls repel snakes

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  1. I really advise doing nothing. If you have questions about controlling snakes, or any pesticide-related topic, please call NPIC at 8:

  2. First off, both substances are highly soluble in water. Traps can help to reduce the rodent population and will work well to keep snakes away.

  3. Mothball Snake repellent for homes - If you go into your local tractor and garden center, you will see an entire isle dedicated to using chemical repellents to keep away snakes and other nuisance animals, mostly mothballs.

  4. The real way to keep snakes away from you home is to keep your property from attracting snakes in the first place. There are only two odorants that have the potential to repel snakes, and neither of those substances is available commercially.

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