Nail gun not shooting nails

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For example, if you have two FS tools each driving 20 nails per minute with the compressor set at 90 PSI you get: This is the technique suggested by the manufacturer. A fuel cell will often work beyond that date, but if a tool starts to work intermittently it could be because the fuel cell has expired. No, Paslode does not manufacture stainless steel 30 degree fasteners. It is not uncommon to see a small amount of oil that seeped out into the case. What type of oil should I use in my pneumatic nailer? If fuel does not come out, the cell is empty.

Nail gun not shooting nails

This is the technique suggested by the manufacturer. Inspect the driver blade and push it back up into the tool. This is typically a red or yellow plastic shrouded valve located near the pressure gauge. On average a fully charged battery will drive 4, fasteners before needing to be recharged. You should consider tightening the air pressure, and seeing if this produces a good fire. It will pull forward and release the top plate to rock up and back toward the handle revealing the plunger slide. Step 5 Increase the air pressure on the air compressor pressure gauge in increments of 5 psi if turning the knob on the nailer doesn't completely sink the nails. Next grab hold of the work contact with one hand and the bottom of the magazine with the other. We recommend buying only enough fuel to complete the job. What usually happens - I just witnessed this a couple of weeks ago - is that not enough pressure is applied while pulling the trigger so you push harder and end up bumping the gun which shoots a nail - because you have the trigger pulled, but the nail shot was a surprise so it causes another bump and is more apt to bounce because you're using just one hand. Hold the fuel cell upside down so the black valve is toward the floor. Check the valves connecting the hose to the compressor, and those connecting the hose to the end of the gun. Disconnect the air and remove fasteners from the nailer when making any adjustments or servicing it. Other brands of nails may not be designed or manufactured to the same specifications or quality standards as Paslode. Remove the battery, fuel and nails. An expired fuel cell has lost enough internal pressure to degrade its performance. If your gun is firing weakly, or not at all, then you need to check the compressor. The serial number is 9 or more digits long. Reattach the hose and use the gun. No, Paslode does not manufacture air compressors. Paslode finish nails are electro-galvanized. If not, slide nails into the clip, placing them flat with the points toward the front of the gun and slide them up to the top of the clip. A copy of the report is located here: Where is the serial number located on a Paslode Cordless nailer? You can also check the operations manual that came with your tool. These lubricants will destroy the o-rings and seals inside the nailer.

Nail gun not shooting nails

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  1. Use only pneumatic tool oil. The charger is slowly building the charge in the battery until the battery is able to accept the full output of the charger.

  2. Paslode recommends using Paslode Degreaser Cleaner part number S. Paslode sells a summer grade oil and a winter grade oil with antifreeze.

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