Percent of wives that cheat

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A generation or cohort effect is likely to contribute to this shifting gender gap in infidelity. Tonya Atkinson, 29 years old, is a production artist, and recently had a baby with her husband of four years. In , infidelity is a murky business. Modern technology is a constant temptation due to its secrecy and prevalence. This all contributes significantly to a couple's being interested in one another and feeling a deep attraction for and excitement about one another. Director of Sydney Couple and Family Specialists Jacqueline McDiarmid deals with marriage breakdowns on a daily basis, she says the key to avoiding infidelity is communication.

Percent of wives that cheat

Get Connected With a Private Investigator Tell us about your case and get connected with an experienced investigator near you. My analysis by gender suggests that men and women follow a slightly different age pattern when it comes to extramarital sex. This balance increases her need and attachment to her partner. Not if we take some steps to prevent it. Even so, older men were no more likely to cheat than their younger peers in the past. Technology brings change - and infidelity is subject to that change too. Many men and women pursue extra-marital relationships because they want to enhance their sex lives. She's been married nine years and is a stay-at-home mom. If you need information, we can help. In , infidelity is a murky business. Money Shutterstock You might not be surprised to hear that money may cause women to cheat, but the explanation for this is probably not going to go quite the way you thought. They feel lonely, ignored, not paid attention to, etc. However, as the figure above indicates, this gender gap varies by age. Even in representative national surveys, we can only go by are people's own admissions of their infidelity. Previous studies at the University of New Hampshire have discovered that the age of cheating runs on a bell curve, with men peaking at 55 years of age, and women at 45 years. The rise of technology also appears to have changed how we think about cheating. To find themselves Shutterstock These days, women are busy. On the other hand, married women who are less financially independent will tend to have lower testosterone and higher estrogen. In reality, it is hard to be fully attracted to someone if you do not feel emotionally safe, free, and comfortable with them," she explained. Only a few people will cheat just because, with most being unfaithful because they feel alone. This has forced couples to renegotiate what they do and do not consider cheating. They are not the same people each year. Those who are betrayed and end up feeling hurt and abandoned would do well to have other people in their lives they did not neglect in order to focus on The One. Basically, holding all other factors equal, will each factor still be related to the odds of cheating? There are the quickies, the long drawn-out sessions, the everything-but-intercourse sessions, the sexy shower-time sessions and then there is simply sensual touch as well.

Percent of wives that cheat

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  1. She and her husband enjoy going out dancing together and often have lunch together when she's not working. Most people who are unfaithful, however, seem to be seeking emotional or physical comfort.

  2. Emotional abandoment Shutterstock Just because a spouse is physically present does not mean he is emotionally checked in, and for some women, that sort of abandonment can be worse. Some research suggests that women cheat for the emotional connection or to fill a void in their relationships, but I work with many women especially professional, high-power women who cheat because they want the challenge.

  3. Jess O'Reilly , the resident sexologist for Astroglide, this can sometimes case women to stray. The rise of technology also appears to have changed how we think about cheating.

  4. Affairs can be an expression of a partner's growing feeling of physical and emotional distance.

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