Pretty nails parkersburg

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My favorite thing about this look is the combination of the texture through the ends in conjunction with the color. If desired, flat iron hair to give it a smoother, sleeker look. I also live for the versatility. Matte waxes and texture sprays work really well with these shapes. This haircut is not for the faint-hearted, you need to be ready to go this short. To any of my clients who come to me wanting a shorter style, my first question is always about how much effort they want to put into their hair. Too much heat can fry the ends which will leave you with a whole new set of problems!

Pretty nails parkersburg

For thicker hair, this cut can definitely be done, but it requires a good amount of debulking and layering. These products were helpful in giving her some volume and texture without going too overboard. Be sure to ask your stylist to create plenty of layers. My favorite thing about this look is the combination of the texture through the ends in conjunction with the color. It can be adjusted to flatter any face shape, by altering the layering especially around the face to suit the client. The serum will keep the frizz down and the mousse will define your curls! Think about how you would like to style it every day, then purchase the products that will help you achieve that look. I typically send my clients home with a good pomade or spray wax. If desired, flat iron hair to give it a smoother, sleeker look. It can be styled in a smooth fashion slicked down to your head, you can make it piecey for an everyday classy businesswoman, or you can give it texture and volume for a more non-conventional, punk look. When hair is dry, smooth over each section using a flat iron. This style is perfect for those with a rounder face. This is a great cut for women of all ages as the length on the top can be adjusted to flatter all face shapes. To maintain this look, I recommend Matrix Biolage R. Focus on only the ends as it will make your roots greasy. I describe this look as a short pixie cut. I would describe this look as very trendy and shaped. Adding a sparkly or decorative headband is just right to complement this look! If you have a curling wand, curling iron, or flat iron and some texture spray or wax, you are all set! W Texturizing Styling Spray on damp hair. Are you someone with a natural wave and super thick hair? I usually tell my clients anywhere between four to six weeks for a clean up is necessary. It still allows for less styling time spent on your thick locks, but it allows you to rock something other than a typical straight across bob as well! Styles like these require plenty of maintenance and you will probably need to be in the salon every weeks getting the cut cleaned up. As I mentioned above, straight OR naturally curly hair can work for this style!

Pretty nails parkersburg

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  1. This look is perfect if you have short, thick hair with a little bit of a natural wave.

  2. For the woman that likes texture and fun, you can easily put in a few curls and a texture spray to give it height and volume. This look will flatter a heart or oval shaped face.

  3. It really allows your cut and color to shine and steal the show! What type of client would you recommend this look for?

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