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How is the process going of finding a sixth? We're keeping expectations within the team low as we're still a young roster that has a lot of development to do. However throughout my career I've worked heavily to educate myself on the performance aspect of competition. To the best of my understanding both he and the team thought it was a good decision to part, and they did so happily. The pressure "exists", but there is no value in thinking about it.


While I hope we're successful in competitions coming up in the near future, we'll be looking at all of them as learning opportunities as we near the Overwatch League, which we hope to participate in. Was it a draw to you that this was a brand new roster? The results so far certainly haven't been great, but we were in a pretty difficult position. The tournaments were a bit of an eye-opener in terms of its improtance though. You previously highlighted the communication system and shotcalling as an area to focus on before OWL - have the tournaments made any changes to your priority list? How do you feel about the performance of NRG so far? You'll definitely see some "fan favorites" as far as hero choices are concerned. Let's focus on the recent disappointing results for the team. There's star talent along with popular players, and a lot of them have singular heroes they're known for, how do you see them working in tournaments? One also has to consider that we played against strong, established teams, many of whom had housing to grow together. So far we've seen some pretty interesting talent, so I don't doubt that we'll find a great fit to round out the roster. Ajax is an incredibly motivated and talented young man and I was impressed with his ability to call. By the time the OWL starts, whatever the meta, I'd like us to be effective on a variety of styles, able to swap our shot-calling style if need be to best suite the type of gameplay. These may sound like excuses, and we certainly aren't proud of our results or performance, but these things do matter. However, I was contacted by one of the NRG manager's and he asked me if I was interested in trying out for the team. This is a roster - as yet not officially completed - with real potential that Seamoose has been tasked to forge into a top team. I don't really think it changes how I think about the team, though I will say I've been brought onto established rosters in the past and been involved in creating a new one, and I definitely like working with established rosters more haha. The most recent patch had a pretty significant Lucio change however, which means he may not always have all the information he needs to make the most effective calls. Having to play in tournaments with players whom we've only played with for days is tough enough, especially when we we still had much to improve on as a team of five. Since being brought on the team, communication was always a priority of mine to improve. As a coach now I spend more time trying to help players work on their mindset, team communication systems, and how to best bring the individual skill of the players together. Sideshow May 5, NRG announced a change in their coaching structure today, with former coach oPlaiD officially parting from the team to be replaced by new head coach Seamoose. As of right now we'll be looking at our future competitions as preparation for the Overwatch League. As a result, short term "success" in NA may take a while, but I'm confident that this team could be one of the top teams in NA with time. I should clarify, that while the team is a "new" roster, I was brought on after the players were confirmed, so to me it was already "established". In many cases the players have a strong understanding of the heroes and how they perform, so I influence those types of decisions less though still do occasionally. It was a bit different from the last time I moved to another team.


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  1. So far we've seen some pretty interesting talent, so I don't doubt that we'll find a great fit to round out the roster.

  2. What are some of your priorities with this squad? I suggest to the players that they don't check their social media notifications or reddit threads involving them, since in all honesty the positives could be distracting as well ie a player receiving praise for something and thus having his ego elevated to where he thinks he needs to improve or try less than his teammates.

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