Seniors and oral sex

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There are no set rules, and certainly no wrong or right method of swallowing or not swallowing. My husband, since reading your book, loves oral sex. And since one of the fears women sometimes express about oral sex comes from wondering if she will gag on the semen, it is important to note that since most older men tend to ejaculate less than in their younger days, that worry is nil, whether you choose to swallow or discreetly use a tissue after helping him feel like King Stud. I'm 91, and I absolutely love giving and receiving oral sex. That's why I'm writing to you. Generally, it is best to begin slower and more gently on the labia and entire genital area.

Seniors and oral sex

A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is. A seasoned lover in the art of cunnilingus learns to gently separate the vagina lips to allow easy contact with the clitoris, then to learn what works best in terms of pressure and speed of movement on the clitoris. This form of oral sex may not be for everyone, especially for partners who are disproportionate in height, but true 69 aficionados cite the very special experience of mutual oral sexual stimulation in glowing terms. It hasn't happened yet with oral sex, but has happened at times in the past with intercourse. Fellatio has been increasingly recognized as a viable alternative to intercourse for older lovers, especially when physical difficulties make intercourse possible. The tongue can also be inserted into the vagina, either flickering or stiffened. If you are like many seasoned seniors, you may discover that what you thought would be unpleasant or strange actually becomes both exotic and erotic. Why does there have to be such an emphasis on oral sex? Now, as to your main question. As with performing fellatio on a man, cunnilingus should involve excellent personal hygiene. The Triumph of Love over Rage, Nancy Friday claims that swallowing semen is very high on a man's intimacy scale. There are numerous names and slang terms used for this form of oral sex performed on a female, including "muffin diving," "muff diving," "eating her out," "drinking from the velvet cup, "giving lip service," "tongue- lashing" and "giving lip. Some cannot perform fellatio because of the gag reflex. Writing on TruthDig managing editor scolds the media for being surprised that old people still engage in coitus. Some women report the most intense orgasms with a "buzz-saw" a combination of vibrator and tongue simultaneously touching the clitoris. I've grown to like it, too, but I have a question that would embarrass the heck out of me if I was asking in personl Both he and I are usually careful about having sex, especially doing each other orally, unless we've taken a bath or shower. I grew up in an era when people didn't talk about such things, so I'm just not familiar with some of the terms, especially fellatio and cunnilingus? That said, if you or your wife have any question about whether you might be transmitting a disease through sex, oral or otherwise, it's best to be tested and examined by a competent physician. If we decide to try intercourse at some point, that's great. Anyway, I have a rather personal question that I wouldn't dare ask anyone that I know. One couple, now in their 90s, told us that it is one of the main reasons why they have lived to such a ripe age. I am a 71 year old grandma and great-grandma, and have never had it done to me or done it to a man. Sometimes we go back and forth, from one thing to the other. Most people have no symptoms. There are probably as many reasons for this as there are men.

Seniors and oral sex

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  1. In our research, a majority of men and women prefer cleanliness, especially when oral sex is involved.

  2. The Latin word for this term simply means to suck, which is certainly one aspect of fellatio. Is this a problem, or is it simply something that I shouldn't worry about until it happens.

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