Suking niple

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Pacifier use may prevent infants from learning how to latch onto their mother's breast, resulting in poor feedings and sore nipples. Premature infants seem to grow better when they suck on pacifiers. Pacifiers should only be used to satisfy the need to suck. Hospital nurseries commonly give them to newborns. Overbite —Protrusion of the upper teeth over the lower teeth. They may get dirty and thus contribute to poor hygiene.

Suking niple

Pacifiers can be particularly useful for unhappy babies who are difficult to comfort. Large circular shields can obstruct an intensely sucking baby's nasal passages. A hungry baby may become upset when there is no milk in the nipple and could develop feeding problems. Most infants cry because they do not yet have methods for soothing themselves. Pacifier use causes babies to breastfeed less. Pacifier use may prevent infants from learning how to latch onto their mother's breast, resulting in poor feedings and sore nipples. For babies, pacifiers can be used for the following reasons: Thumbs are more hygienic. Newborns must learn to breastfeed effectively, and babies suck on breast nipples differently than on a pacifier. However, if continued past about age three, either one can contribute to protruding front teeth and an overbite. Some research has suggested that babies exhibit fewer visually exploratory behaviors when using a pacifier; they look around less and can seem less alert. Other risks Pacifiers can exacerbate any problems with developing speech and language. Description Types of pacifiers Pacifiers consists of a latex or silicone nipple with a firm plastic shield and handle. A dentist may recommend devices that are designed to discourage pacifier use. Ear infections Research has found that pacifier use increases a child's risk of ear infections—acute otitis media , the second most common childhood illness after colds. Infants who are given a pacifier, with or without supplemental food, may lose interest in nursing. Pacifiers also can interfere with children's willingness to talk and the development of their social skills. Unlike pacifiers, the baby can find his thumb at night. Some newborns do not have the coordination to suck their fingers or thumb. A child learning to speak with a pacifier may have distorted speech. A pacifier that is hung on a cord around the baby's neck, tied to the baby's hand, or attached to a crib can cause strangulation. Parents can encourage their children to give them up gradually by trying the following: A pacifier is an artificial nipple designed for babies to suck on for comfort. Arguments for pacifier use Pacifier use is controversial. The pacifier may prevent babies from using their mouths to learn about toys and other objects. The pacifier is an easy fix that may cause parents not to seek to understand what is bothering the baby. There is no evidence that one shape is preferable to another, although the baby may prefer a certain type.

Suking niple

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