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Bill Gates is a vaderant person. Eh, I'm going home to vache. The catalogue of expectations a woman has of a man. As per vanity publishing, a comedic television series starring an actor whose fame is on the wane. I had to vent my problems at you. My sister Margaret is really vocular today. Relating to the use of a cell phone in a car Example:


Which end of the hammer do you use?? The position of a chair not being pushed in under a table. German, noun Mullet, bi-level hairstyle. These damn vegies are everywhere. He's the village square. A highly noxious combination of substances, ingested, partially digested, expelled in a highly forceful manner. Quit showing tender vittle, you look like a lap dancer. After Winona Ryder's latest escapades, there's nothing left for her but a vanity sitcom on the Fox network in To annoy with too much desire for sex. Give her a bow and arrow. Similar to software that seems to never get here--vaporware. Its impossible to move. Geena and Bette are vanity sitcoms, Seinfeld is not. Spotspeak Vhialthe is the greatest possible typo for chocolate. Ever since the trepanation, Kenny has been downright viscotiatious toward me. It's almost as though he makes his own version of events. Ive been voluntold to shovel the driveway. Adj - Pelefo'd - the paper has pealed and folded upwards. Elvis Presley painting done on velvet. He hangs out on the village green. Can also be used derisively. When you get better, then worse, then better, then worse, then better To release all your anger or to tell someone all your problems. I like to verb words. The bad mixed drink to which all other drinks are compared to determine their vileness. I think I just vaped it Random healthiness found in food items when you don't know exactly what else they contain that is good for you.


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